About Esses

Esses has been born out of a love of everything on two wheels. It celebrates the excitement and thrill of riding motorcycles and will bring this amazing world ‒ its people, rides, races, bikes and characters ‒ to life.

Yes, it’s about the bikes, but more importantly it’s about the people. Those who design, build, tweak, ride, photograph, collect, jump, race, polish and just plain own them.

In Issue Zero we tread the boards on Ken Fox’s Wall of Death, find out what it takes to be a motocross star at the age of eight and take a trip to Tanzania in search of tricked-up Toyos. We go access-all-areas on race night with the Lakeside Hammers speedway team during one of their most emotional seasons ever, and jump inside the suit that motorcycle nut Felix Baumgartner wore to skydive from the very edge of space

With Esses, the desire was to create a different kind of motorcycle magazine that’s not just group tests and product reviews. We hope you like it – suck it and see. Not literally, of course – it’ll taste of metal and burn your lips!